A. Antico, Lautari & R. Botto


This show is a journey into the cultural heritage of Sicily with a project that will see on stage, three historical artists:


  • the Lautari, group from Catania has always been committed to the revival of traditional folk styles;

  • Alfio Antico, living legend, recognized worldwide as one of the greatest performers of the frame drum;

  • Rita Botto, is a singer who finds in her Sicily the energy to take back the sound roots that today are back in the news. It is the voice of the Mediterranean woman who tells stories and feelings of an ancient land.


A project that will see musicians interact in one very varied show: the quintet of Lautari will be stable on stage, weaving live the unmistakable sound “carpet” that distinguishes them; a research work that lasts for thirty years, always evolving.
Starting from the roots of traditional popular music, over the years Lautari have developed a style that is always current and unique, characterized by a great variety of Mediterranean sounds (winds, double bass, percussion, mandolins, bouzuki, marranzano).


Rita Botto, nostalgic and refined, sunny and Mediterranean, Sicilian queen voice in this show crowns a story of musical friendship with Lautari and Alfio Antico.


In the past the three artists have shared rare and precious musical occasions including that of 2007, during which they toured together for the project Ancient Music of the New Millennium that makes stops in Rome, Milan, Civitanova, Giffoni and Catania.
Each artist will propose a repertoire of unpublished songs and reworkings of popular songs, creating a shared sound path; Begins the show, flows the music made of tradition, but modern, always new but ancient, as lava always looking for new ways.


The powerful sound of Alfio Antico’s drums,
the charming and sensual voice of Rita Botto,
the gritty rhythms of the Lautari family with their “safety”.


That’s what TRI is.
Three emblems of Trinacria music gathered on a single stage.


That’s Sicily.


Line Up

Alfio Antico frame drums, voice
Rita Botto voice
Puccio Castrogiovanni voice, mandolin, bouzuki, mandola, marranzani
Gionni Allegra voice, double bass, guitar
Marco Corbino guitars
Salvatore Assenza clarinet, sax, pive
Salvo Farruggio drums, percussion

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