Tuppetturu Booking

Sicily Of Sounds

The creativity of the Associazione Musicale Etnea (AME), with a longstanding history in music, theatre and record production and distribution, brings you Tuppetturu Booking Sicily of sounds to promote the sounds of Sicilian culture and reach a global audience.
We focus on promoting small, independent productions that are intelligent, peer to peer and mobile.
The performers selected include both acclaimed artists and emerging talents from the Sicilian scene that share an innovative interpretation of popular Sicilian music, integrating a traditionally inspired repertoire with a contemporary vision.
Traditional concerts, novel contaminations, interdisciplinary collaboration, open air and site-specific theatre performances, Tuppetturu booking projects are ideal tailor-made events for public and private organizations in Italy and abroad.


For information write to booking@ame.ct.it.


Download the roster in PDF: AME Tuppetturu Booking

Artistic Proposals