Biagio Guerrera

A Prossima Vita

The poet, adored by Andrea Camilleri, in December 2022 recorded “A Prossima Vita”, his first official release, available on the main online platforms.

This album, published by the Associazione Musicale Etnea, based on Guerrera’s poetry and song writing, is a blend of the poet’s experiences with Dounia and the Pocket Poetry Orchestra, the collaboration with Simona Di Gregorio, Matilde Politi, Cesare Basile, and the broad collaboration with Puccio Castrogiovanni assembled in the “Casa Munnu” concert/recital and in the songwriting activity for the Orchestra Jacarànda.


Casa Munnu

It is a concert/recital (based on the collection of writings of the same name published by Mesogea in 2020). A poet/singer songwriter and two musicians Puccio Castrogiovanni  (guitar, Sicilian Jew’s harp, percussions) and Riccardo Gerbino (tabla) to form a trio that invites other singers and musicians such as Eleonora Bordonaro, Giovanni Arena or visual artists and other poets to create site specific performances.


“A città jè china ri luci” was selected by Zebra Poetry Film Festival (Berlin, December 2021), Doctor Clip (Rome December 2021), and was a finalist at “La poesia che si vede” awards in Ancona (June 2022).


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