Eleonora Bordonaro

Moviti Ferma.

Singer songwriter, performer and Sicilian researcher from Paternò, Eleonora reinterprets traditional Sicilian folk song passed on orally, from traditional poetry to storytelling, from traditional peasant repertoires to the religious, with a focus on women’s tales. As a songwriter she debuts with “Cuttuni e lamé. Trame streuse di una canta storie”, published in 2017, produced by Puccio Castrogiovanni.
She researches the precious poetic patrimony of the Gallo-Italian dialect in San Fratello, Messina and explores linguistic enclaves that endure in Sicily, and takes part in the Skanderband project, developing the Arberesh repertoire.
Since 2008 she has been a solo singer for the Orchestra Popolare Italiana of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, directed by Ambrogio Sparagna. In 2013 she recorded La Custodia del Fuoco with the Majarìa Trio, which rearranged the 18th century texts by Lionardo Vigo, Salomone Marino and Giuseppe Pitrè in ethno jazz style. She founded the Casa Museo del Cantastorie in Paternò (Storytellers museum), a centre for the production and development of the art of storytelling and sings on numerous film, documentary and video art scores, including Mine Vaganti by Ferzan Ozpetek, Romanzo criminale by Stefano Sollima, La doppia ora by Giuseppe Capotondi, La Siciliana ribelle by Marco Amenta.
She sings in Sicilian, Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Gallo-Italian. He writes in Sicilian.


She is available in a quintet in the new “Moviti Ferma” project.


Line Up.

Eleonora Bordonaro vocals
Puccio Castrogiovanni Siclian Jew’s harp, plectrum, accordion
Rosario Moschitta guitar
Michele Musarra bass
Salvo Farruggio drums


And in duo with Puccio Castrogiovanni for “Cuttuni e lamé trame streuse di una cuntastorie”



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