Historical institutions of Classical Music online

The AMUR Committee was founded in May 2020 by the desire to bring together some of the most important Italian institutions of chamber music in a single body, with the aim of promoting common activities and objectives.
The value of the system already implemented through the five-year experience of Online Music Associations, with the Committee translates into a common commitment: from Trento to Palermo, for the first time the historical concert organizations are moving together with the mission of relaunching the concert activity of classical music in the country, enhancing the concert programming of the members of the AMUR Committee and promoting joint projects such as the circuiting of young professionals, festivals, tours for Italian and international artists, conferences, cultural trips, Italian and European events.
One of the strengths of the AMUR Committee is the shared coordination between 19 top-level Art Directorates, who come together for the realization of the projects. The AME has been part of Amur since 2021.

Musica con Vista

“Festival Musica con Vista, il viaggio nella bellezza italiana” is an innovative proposal, born in 2020 from the collaboration between the AMUR Committee and Le Dimore del Quartetto. The concerts, scattered in several regions, are like musical stages of an itinerary that aims to enhance the territories and involve local realities in a perspective of proximity tourism. The concerts take place outdoors in unusual places such as villages, courtyards or gardens of historic houses and the calendar develops during the summer between June and September, with Italian and international artists.

Before or after the concert, the public is invited to access the side activities such as guided tours, cultural tours, nature walks and tastings, which can be easily consulted on the interactive map directly from the Musica con Vista website.
To generate an integrated and coordinated program in a single calendar of concerts, the AMUR Committee brings together 19 top-level artistic directorates representing the historic concert institutions. Young professional musicians from all over Europe are offered by the Le Dimore del Quartetto quartet and string trios under the prestigious artistic guidance of Maestro Simone Gramaglia, viola of the Cremona Quartet.

The synergistic and structured artistic proposal represents a significant attraction for music tourism: the capacity of large concert organizations and sponsors are made available to smaller centers to bring a qualitative offer in the suburbs. Attention to the environment is respected thanks to the production of small concerts, without the need for invasive systems and technologies. To avoid travel before the concerts, tickets, reservations and the interactive map are all available online, the side activity selections encourage green travel. The AME participates in Music with a view from 2021.

Silenzio in sala a tempo di Musica

“How do you photograph music?
Imagine a still, motionless theater; imagine the center of the scene, a single light that illuminates the musician and his instrument; imagine that he starts playing for a certain time.
Now in front of him facing the audience there is a camera fotografica and a photographer, still for all the time of the performance; a camera fissa is taken only one photorafia.
The result: an immobile theatre on one side and a moving figura on the other. At this moment still music lives.
| Daniele Ratti

The project Silenzio in sala a tempo di Musica was born from the dialogue between the AMUR Committee and the photographer Daniele Ratti and involved the realities that belong to the Committee, which identify themselves in the most important institutions operating in classical music.
Music and photography met with the aim of supporting musicians in the context of uncertainty related to the pandemic situation and recreate a season 20/21 behind closed doors but told through images and sounds.
14 concerts, 14 theatres, 14 shots were the protagonists of Silenzio in Sala a Tempo di Musica and became the content of targeted actions of communication and promotion in support of artists and the world of culture.

AMUR events in Catania

July 2021

2021wed14jul21:00wed23:50Quatuor Akilone21:00 - 23:50 Palazzo Biscari, Via Museo Biscari, 10, 95131 Catania CT

August 2021

2021sat07aug21:00sat23:50Quartetto di Contrabbassi21:00 - 23:50 Chiesa Sant'Antonio, Piazza S. Antonio, 12, 95012 Castiglione di Sicilia CT

June 2022

2022tue14jun(jun 14)19:00wed15(jun 15)20:30Quartetto Zorá19:00 - 20:30 (15) Palazzo Biscari, Via Museo Biscari, 10, 95131 Catania CT

July 2022

2022sun24jul19:00sun20:30Duo Brahms19:00 - 20:30 Villa Di Bella, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 298

June 2023

2023wed21jun21:00wed22:30Caterina IsaiaMusiche per Violoncello di Bach, Dall'Abaco, Penderecky, Sollima21:00 - 22:30 Palazzo Biscari, Via Museo Biscari, 10, 95131 Catania CT

September 2023

2023sun10sep19:00Quartetto ThumósMusica Con Vista | Musiche di M. Ravel e J. Brahms19:00 Palazzo Biscari, Via Museo Biscari, 10, 95131 Catania CT


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